Located in downtown New Baltimore, Mike's Comics and Games is your destination for all things comics and gaming.  Inside you will find comic books and trade paperbacks for all ages, and a wide selection of games and gaming accessories.

There is something happening most days here at the shop. Check our calendar for upcoming store events and like us on Facebook to see what's new!

We offer a family-friendly space to play your favorite games and to meet fellow gamers. Bring your own game or choose a game from a large selection in the back.

Enjoy a cold refreshing beverage from our fully-stocked selection of pop, energy drinks, and soft drinks. We also carry a wide selection of snacks to quell any hunger, so you can keep your head in the game.


The One Piece trading card game has sailed into Mike's Comics and Games! Choose your leader, recruit your crew and do battle with your foes! 

ONE PIECE Card Game is a trading card game where you battle against your opponent! Create your own crew centered around a Leader card, and then attack your opponent’ s crew! Keep attacking to reduce the opposing Leader card’ s Life to 0 and deliver a finishing blow to achieve victory!

We have both starter decks and booster packs available. Get yours today!

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