Enter a world of exploration and discovery. Explorers of Ixalan brings you a new multiplayer experience to Magic: The Gathering. Play as one of the four factions trying to discover the Golden City that lies at the heart of Ixalan.

The jungles contain many secrets, and each location you discover will help you turn the tide of battle in your favor! Will you be the first to claim the Golden City, or will you be claimed by the land itself?

Explorers of Ixalan contains four 60-card decks, 50 map tiles, 20 double-sided tokens, 36 +1/+1 counters, four Scout markers, and four deckboxes.  In addition, several of the cards feature new artwork.

The gameplay follows the normal rules of Magic: the Gathering, but enhances the gameplay with the addition of the map, which allows the players to explore Ixalan and receive new abilities.

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