Add some variety to your next game of Star Realms with the Scenarios expansion pack! This twenty-card pack includes new cards that modify the gameplay in various ways. No two games of Star Realms will be the same again!

Requires Star Realms core set or Colony Wars to play.


Add epic adventure-style play to Hero Realms with The Ruin of Thandar campaign deck. This boxed set includes everything you need to take your characters through several adventures where you can earn experience and upgrade your character decks!

The campaign is played out over several games where a different scenario is presented that will challenge the players. The players play cooperatively to defeat the "boss" in each adventure. At the successful completion of each adventure, the players are given a chance to modify their starting decks by adding new abilities and cards to the deck.

The Ruin of Thandar contains:

  • A rule book
  • An adventure book
  • Cards for the boss deck
  • Upgrade cards for each of the five character classes
  • Oversized boss cards

Requires Hero Realms core set and the five character packs to play.

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