Stand with your guild!

Magic: The Gathering is returning to Ravnica, and all the action is happening at Mike's Comics and Games. We will be hosting a prerelease tournaments Sept. 29-30th. This is your chance to get the cards before they are released to the public.

A great threat is coming to Ravnica, and it's time to save the great city-plane.  Choose your guild and join forces to stop the threat!

The cost of the Prerelase is $25 and includes your choice of a guild-specific Prerelease pack.  Each Prerelease pack includes 5 random booster packs, 1 seeded pack relevant to your guild, a guild-specific rare, and a spin-down life counter.

Tournament Schedule

Saturday Sep. 29: 12:00 am

Saturday Sep. 29: 1:00 pm

Sunday Sep. 30: 1:00 pm


Hope to see you there!

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