Celebrate Guilds of Ravnica at Mike's Comics and Games November 10th & 11th where you can take part in a new Ravnica-themed Dungeons and Dragons adventure, purchase a Guild Kit, play for prizes and play in a special four-pack draft!

All weekend long, we will be running a special Ravnica-themed Dungeons and Dragons adventure. Explore the city-plane of Ravnica and adventure within the streets and back alleys as you try to bring glory to your guild. 

First time playing D&D?  That's OK! We will be happy to help you make a character and guide you as you start your adventuring career. Players of all skill levels welcome.



We will be running a special four-pack draft both days and will be hosting casual Guild Kit Battles using the new Guild Kits.

Show your skills an win a special foil-land!

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