Mike’s Comics and Games is New Baltimore’s destination for everything you need to play the world's greatest roleplaying game! We have all the rulebooks and accessories to make your next game night memorable.

Rule Books


You can’t play without the rules! The Player’s Handbook® contains the rules needed to create epic characters, the Dungeon Master’s Guide® gives the DM guidance on running the game and rules for building your own worlds, and the Monster Manual® contains the monsters that are ready to fight the characters.




Don’t have the time to create your own world? Looking for some high adventure in the Forgotten Realms®? Our selection of published adventures take your players to new levels as the battle dragons, evil cults, the minions of the Underdark, giants, and more.




Epic battles demand epic miniatures. Bring your game to life with our wide selection of miniatures.  We have the perfect selection of heroes, villains and monsters. And minis are not just for characters, check out our selection of furniture, buildings, and other garnishments.


Battle Maps & Accessories

Looking to up your game? Our selection of battlemaps, DM screens, initiative planners, and other accessories will take your game to the next level.

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Game Day

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