We are your destination for all your favorite comic books. Our selection includes all the latest tiles from Marvel, DC, IDW, Dark Horse and more! We have comics for all ages.


We are northeastern Macomb's destination for table-top gaming! We have a wide selection of board games, card games, RPGs and miniatures games. We also provide a space to play and try out games.


We host a variety of weekly and monthly tournaments and other organized play.  We host Magic tournaments and Dungeons & Dragons Adventure League. There are also events for One Piece and Digimon. Check our event calendar for upcoming events!

Game Day

The third Saturday of every month is Game Day here at Mike's Comics. We play games all day long in a family-friendly environment. Bring the kids, bring a friend. Come learn a new game while making new friends.

Game Day!

One of our most anticipated events, every third Saturday of each month is Game Day. This is your chance to try out some great games and meet some fellow gamers. Games will be played from the time the shop opens until Mike kicks us out in the early morning.

The family-friendly party-like atmosphere is the perfect setting to play games you know, or to learn brand new games.  We are always willing to teach games to new players and want everybody to have a good time.

We have a selection of games for the entire family, from young children to adults.  There is something here for everyone! We hope to see you there!

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