As part of the 25th anniversary celebration of Magic: The Gathering, Magic will be returning to the plane that started it all: Dominara! Rediscover the plane that survived the Brothers' War, The Ice age, the Phyrexian invasion, and the Mending.

Mike's Comic's and Games will be hosting three prerelease tournaments the weekend of April 21-22.  Get your hands on the new set a week early, and relive the storied history of Dominara. 

Prerelease schedule

April 21 - Midnight

April 21 - 1pm

April 22 - 1pm

The entry fee is $25 and the format will be sealed deck.  Each prerelease pack includes 6 randomized boosters and a foil promo card.

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Mike’s Comics and Games will be hosting a Euchre tournament on February 24th at 7:00 pm to raise money for Relay for Life.

Cost of the tournament is $10, and all proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society to help fund cancer research and support services.

Come and join Mike’s Munchkins for a fun evening and make some new friends as we try to euchre cancer for good. Hope to see you there.

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Mike's Comics and Games will be hosting a midnight release of Rivals of Ixalan, the latest expansion for Magic: The Gathering on January 19th after Thursday Night Open Play. Be the first to purchace the new cards, and receive a special promo card for buying a box of boosters.

Bundle packs, single booster packs, and planeswalker decks will also be available.

Rivals of Ixalan will be legal for play upon release, and can be used at FNM that night.

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"Exterminate!" They muttered about their sacred hatred, the Oncoming Storm. Their creator had a plan, a plan to make the Daleks great again. A plan to turn all their defeats into victories. A plan to remove the one variable that has always interfered with the master plan. The Doctor must be erased from time itself!

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Add some variety to your next game of Star Realms with the Scenarios expansion pack! This twenty-card pack includes new cards that modify the gameplay in various ways. No two games of Star Realms will be the same again!

Requires Star Realms core set or Colony Wars to play.


Add epic adventure-style play to Hero Realms with The Ruin of Thandar campaign deck. This boxed set includes everything you need to take your characters through several adventures where you can earn experience and upgrade your character decks!

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Organized Play


Game Day

Relay for Life

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