The Phyrexians have invaded the Multiverse to compleat all living things and create absolute perfection in every plane. The only hope is one last all-or-nothing attack to stop Elish Norn’s vision of the perfect multiverse.

Join the battle and team up with heroes from all across the multiverse to fight the evil that threatens to create a new reality.

Join us for the Prerelease of March of The Machines, the newest Magic: The Gathering set. This set wraps up the Phyrexian story arc in an epic battle that spans across the Multiverse. Heroes from each plane will team up for this final battle and make their last stand. This set also includes a new card type: Battles. Battles give you a spell you can cast if you defeat them.

We will have Prereleases all weekend long starting with FNM on April 14th and one on both the 15th and 16th at 1pm. This will be the first opportunity to play with the new cards, and you will be able to purchase boxes and boosters before it releases to retail. 

Join us for a great time and compete for some packs!

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Mike’s Comics Extends Commander Play to Tuesday

 Starting in February, Mike’s Comics and Games will be staying open later Tuesday nights to host Commander. Commander will continue to host Commander play as well.

Bring your favorite decks and make some new friends playing the most popular way to play Magic: The Gathering. If you are new to Commander, this is a great way to enjoy the format and explore all that Magic has to offer.

Although this is a casual environment, all types of decks and playstyles are welcome.  

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The One Piece trading card game has sailed into Mike's Comics and Games! Choose your leader, recruit your crew and do battle with your foes! 

ONE PIECE Card Game is a trading card game where you battle against your opponent! Create your own crew centered around a Leader card, and then attack your opponent’ s crew! Keep attacking to reduce the opposing Leader card’ s Life to 0 and deliver a finishing blow to achieve victory!

We have both starter decks and booster packs available. Get yours today!

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Magic: The Gathering comes to the world of D&D in the latest expansion! Gather a party, venture into the dungeon, and fight with some of the most iconic characters and monsters from Dungeons and Dragons!


Adventures in the Forgotten Realms will be available June 23rd in Draft Boosters, Set Boosters and Collector's Boosters.


When you buy a box of boosters, you will receive an exclusive promo (while supplies last):

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Mikes Comics and Games Announces Return of In-Person Gaming

Mike’s Comics and Games is pleased to announce in-person gaming will be returning to the shop starting on July 2nd with the resumption of in-store play of Friday Night Magic. This also marks the return of Game Day, which will be July 17th. 


Now that the State of Michigan has lifted the restrictions for indoor gatherings, we are able to resume in-store game play.

Check our calendar at the top of this page for additional events as they get scheduled.

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to seeing you on the game floor soon!

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Organized Play


Game Day

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