Friday night is the night for Magic: The Gathering players to meet, test out decklists, and have some fun. Mike's Comics and Games hosts an organized tournament every Friday night at 7pm that is open to all players looking for some light competition. It does not matter if you are a beginner, or a more established player, FNM is an excellent way to make some friends and have some fun!

Mike's fosters a welcoming environment and our players are willing to help you with deck building, game play, strategy and more.

The tournament format is Standard Constructed, where you bring a deck that you build a deck using sets printed within the past three years (see below). Every fall, the oldest sets rotate out, and the new sets replace them.

On the second Friday of each month, we change the format to Draft. Drafting involves buying three boosters, and drafting the cards out of each pack. After all three packs have been drafted, players make a deck with the cards drafted, and play with those decks.

The entry fee for Constructed is $5, Draft is $15.

After the tournament, hang out and play some casual Magic, or some Commander. There’s plenty of Magic on Friday Night!


Deck Construction Rules

  • A deck must contain at least 60 cards, including lands.
  • An optional sideboard may be used, and it may not contain more than 15 cards.
  • Except for basic lands, a deck may not contain more than 4 total copies of a card between the deck and the sideboard.
  • A deck may contain as many copies of basic lands (Plains, Island, Swamp, Mountain, Forest) as needed. Snow-covered lands and Wastes may only be used if they are contained in a set that is Standard legal.
  • The cards in the deck and sideboard must be printed in a set that is legal for Standard (see below). 
  • Any version of a card may be used, even if it is from another set. Exceptions are cards that do not have a black or white border, cards that are oversized, and cards that do not have the normal Magic back.
  • Some booster packs may contain a card that is from a list of cards that are included as a bonus (list, spellbook, enchanted tales, Commander set cards, etc.). These cards are not Standard legal unless the card is also contained in a set that is Standard legal. These cards generally have a different set symbol/code on them to distinguish them from the rest.



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