In a world where evil cults conspire to take over the world, dragons raise up and pillage towns, demons rampage across the land spreading their evil, and where the giants have become restless and destroying everything in their path, who will rise to the challenge and save the world from such evil?

In Dungeons and Dragons, you become the heroes that take up arms against the forces of evil trying to destroy the world. Your character embarks in epic adventures to seek out fame and fortune. Track down a dragon to its lair and slay the mighty beast. Search an ancient dungeon for a powerful magic item that has been lost to antiquity. Discover long forgotten secrets that unlock untold power.  Where will your story lead you?  You decide!

Mike’s Comics and Games hold regularly scheduled Adventurers League sessions throughout each month that allow you to join the epic fantasy world that lies before you. If you have ever wanted to try D&D but did not know how to get started, this is the perfect place to learn. Our seasoned Dungeon Masters will help make your first character and ensure your first experience fun and memorable!

There is also plenty adventure for seasoned players as well!  Each season of the Adventurers League provides a new story and adventures set in the Forgotten Realms setting for characters of all levels of play. Check our calendar for times and dates of our next session.

Come join the adventure!

Current Storyline

An evil curse has fallen over the land that affects those that have been risen from the dead.  Victims slowly wither away as the curse saps the very lifeforce from them. When they succumb, they cannot be raised by any means, including intervention from the gods themselves.

Temples and scholars are unable to explain the curse. The cause is a powerful artifact called the Soulmonger, which is located in Chult, a mysterious peninsula to the south, ringed with mountians and choked with rainforests.

Are you brave enough to face the perils of Chult and free the land from this dread curse? Or will death’s grip on the land choke the souls of the departed forever?

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