It started back in 1998 with the release of Unglued, the first silver-bordered set that poked fun at serious Magic. From that set, we got various inside jokes and zaniness that would not be allowed to se the light of day in normal Magic.

The players wanted more, so in 2004 Unhinged was release and the fans rejoiced. But it still was not enough.  The fans wanted more, but management decided that there would be no more “Un” sets. For years, the fans pushed for another set, but management would not be swayed.

And then, it happened. Management relented, and decided there would be a third “Un” set. There was much rejoicing.

Unstable is the long-awaited third “Un” set released for Magic: The Gathering. It features a mechanic that has been asked for since it was introduced in Future Sight: Contraptions. That’s right, now you get to assemble your own contraptions to do all manner of things. Rube Goldberg has nothing on this!

The set also features creatures that can be spliced together, squirrels, riggers, and more.

Unstable has five different factions to help you in your wild experiments: The Order of the Widget, Agents of S.N.E.A.K., League of Dastardly Doom, Goblin Exlosioneers, and Crossbreed Labs. In addition, Urza himself makes a cameo!


Unstable will be available December 8th, and we will be hosting Unstable draft weekend December 9th-10th. It’s is going to be a silly weekend as Magic lets its hair down for the third time.

There will be riggers assembling contraptions! There will be armies of squirrels! You might see an orc spliced on to an iguana, a steam-powered stegosaurus, or a monkey spliced with an octopus. Whatever happens, it’s going to be silly and extremely funny.


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